Seattle Can Can Classes have become very popular and they have found a new location. Go to Seattle Can Can! for additional information.

Save money, eat healthy, know the source of your food and get it just the way you like it. If you have a kitchen, you can preserve fruits and vegetables in large batches or small! You can even "put up a batch" while cooking dinner--very little extra time is required and no extra equipment.

The classes are tailored to the attendee’s skill levels and whatever fruits and vegetables are in season and will feature a "Just Can It!" worksheet so the attendees can go home and put into practice the skills taught in the class.

Sew-up-Seattle classes are also continuing at a new location

Go to Sew Up Seattle to find out more.

Sew up Seattle has lots of trims to embellish what you have or what you might make. There's also the option to start your sewing experience with a small pillow or bag, or get help on your own project.

Guys, gals, beginners and experienced all are welcome to come sew. If you wish to attend a class, or for further information, please Email Sew up Seattle at or call 206-784-7117. Let them know if you would like to reserve one of their donated machines or if you will bring your own. Your own scissors that cut fabric are helpful. Otherwise Sew up Seattle has plenty of supplies and equipment if you don't have your own. If you already know how to sew come join the class for the fun of sewing with others and sharing your knowledge.