Aurora GlassWear Pendant Necklace-Frog-Teal

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Aurora GlassWear Pendant Necklace-Frog-Teal

What Makes it Good?

Made by St. Vincent de Paul Society's Aurora GlassWear Shop in Eugene, Oregon from donated broken glass items of like colors, melted down and formed into beautiful new products.

Reuse of glass keeps it out of the landfill and reduces the need for unnecessary new glass. Glass can be recycled over and over.

Aurora GlassWear Pendant Necklace has 1-1'4" diameter teal, recycled glass, pendant with embossed Frog & 3 glass beads on a leather necklace.

The Frog represents transformation, evolution, and fertility; the herald of nourishing rain and the beginning of Spring.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Width 1-1/4" dia.
Color Teal
Brand Aurora GlassWear