Bite Blocker® Insect Repellent

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Bite Blocker® Insect Repellent

What Makes it Good?

#1 DEET Alternative!

If you want a sweat proof, non-flammable, botanically based formula to protect from mosquito and black fly bites, then Bite Blocker® Insect Repellent is for you!

Bite Blocker® is DEET free and utilizes essential oil blends to provide long-lasting repellent action from pesky biting bugs. Bite Blocker® repellent comes in an easy to apply spray bottle that allows for quick access and use.

Bite Blocker® Insect Repellent is sweat free and effective for up to 8 hours on Black Flies, up to 3 hours on Mosquitos. Reapply for even longer protection.

Deet Free! Contains Plant Oils, Plant Extracts, Plant Derivatives and Skin Moisturizers.

Bite Blocker's proven effective formula will protect you and your family from bites from black flies, mosquitos and other insects.

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