Debbie Meyer Reusable GreenBags, 20 Pack

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Debbie Meyer Reusable GreenBags, 20 Pack

What Makes it Good?

Debbie Meyer Reusable GreenBags save you money by eliminating food waste.

Debbie Meyer GreenBags, Made in USA! BPA Free!

Fruits & Vegetables Stay Fresh Longer. Fruits, vegetables and flowers release ethylene gases during the natural ripening process after harvest. Exposure of the produce to these gases accelerates aging and deterioration.

Debbie Meyer GreenBags are made with a natural mineral and helps create a beneficial storage environment that helps extend the life of fruit, vegetables and cut flowers.

20 Bags Includes:

10-Large Bags (17” L x 12” W)

10-Medium Bags (15 L x 9” W)

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 10.25"
Height .75"
Width 5.5"
Color Green
Brand Debbie Meyer