Ebert Garden Watering Can – 5 Liter, Blue

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Ebert Garden Watering Can – 5 Liter, Blue

What Makes it Good?

Made from recycled PE plastic, and recyclable at the end of its life

Ebert Garden Watering Can holds up to 5 liters, with incremental liter measuring marks.

Long spout makes it easier to get to the roots for thorough watering, and it comes with a removable sprinkler attachment that is essential while getting seeds started.

Long contoured handle provides easy balance, minimizes spilling and eases stress on wrist.

These thoughtful design aspects makes gardening fun and efficient, minimizes having to get out the hose, and reaches those special plants beyond the reach of the garden hose.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Length 19”
Height 11"
Width 5.75"
Color Blue
Brand Ebert