Insulated Outlet Cover-3 Prong

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Insulated Outlet Cover-3 Prong

What Makes it Good?

Keeping the temperature sealed in your walls saves you in heating and cooling bills and eliminates drafts around your outlets.

Even if your walls are insulated, to keep out heat and cold, the area around your electrical outlets are not. The electrical box in your wall, and the hole cut into your wall, does not allow room in the wall for insulation.

These outlet covers are closed, when not in use, individually opened for use, and lined with foam backing, to close any air leaks.

Includes longer screw for extra thickness and instructions for installation and care.

Comes in White or Ivory to match decor.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 2.75”
Height 4.5"
Width .375"
Brand Energy Federation, Inc.