Kotobuki Black Moon Lantern with Bell

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Kotobuki Black Moon Lantern with Bell

What Makes it Good?

Blackened Cast Iron is extremely durable, sealed from rusting for years to come, and most likely made from recycled metals.

Blackened Cast Iron Japanese Temple Lantern with hanging Cast Iron Bell and metal ringer brings your garden, patio or balcony breeze to life with a lovely, enchanting, crisp sound.

It can also be hung indoors above your door or anywhere that catches a breeze.

Very sturdy and durable, it is used in Feng Shui as a symbol of Good Luck. Includes paper card wind catcher.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Japan
Height 3-1/2"
Width 3" dia
Color Black
Brand Kotobuki
Size Total Length 27” w/3.5” x 3” dia. Temple, 2” x 2” dia bell & 1.75” x 9.5” card