Mesh Cup Strainers, Stainless Steel

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Mesh Cup Strainers, Stainless Steel

What Makes it Good?

Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant, easy to sanitize and durable, it provides long service life and is a highly recyclable material.

The fine mesh illiminates the leaking of fine debris while straining.

Mesh Cup Strainers, Great for tea, coffee, or straining herbs or other foods. Also ideal for shake straining dry items.

Long handle with hooked end for hanging, short handle for resting on edge of cup or bowl.

High-Quality stainless-steel extra fine wire that will not rust or corrode. Easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe and can handle boiling liquids. 

Medium Strainer - 2.5" dia x 1.25" bowl, 4" handle; usable in 3" to 7" cup or bowl

Large Strainer - 3.5" dia x 1.75" bowl, 4.5" handle; usable in 4" to 8.5" cup or bowl.


More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Length 9"
Height 2.5"
Width 4"
Color Stainless Steel
Brand Down to Earth