Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bank

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Niagara Conservation Toilet Tank Bank

What Makes it Good?

The toilet is the largest consumer of water in the bathroom. Installing the water saving Toilet Tank Bank from Niagara Conservation is a quick and cost-effective way to save water at this source. This is a displacement bag that saves about 0.8 gallons of water per flush when installed, and after time this can add up. It is entirely safe to install, and does not damage the toilet in any way.

  • Constructed with non corrosive materials that resist microbes & fungal growth
  • Anti-evaporation snap/airlock means the bag never needs refilling and prevents odors
  • Will not interfere with flush mechanics

Niagara Conservation's Toilet Tank Bank saves you water, and money. Fill the tank with water and hang it in your toilet tank. The bank displaces the water it takes to fill the tank, so less water is used with each flush. Use only what you need. Easily adjust the volume by adding, or removing, water in the bank.

Fast, easy, installation.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Height 13"
Width 8"
Color Blue
Brand Niagara Conservation