Norpro Jar Wrench

Norpro Jar Wrench

What Makes it Good?

Heavy duty stainless steel construction with heat resistance coating, this time saving simple tool makes life easier.

Norpro Jar Wrench is a great tool for hard to open lids and for tightening lids on hot jars. Two built-in options for lid sizes: 2-1/4” min dia & 1/2” min dia. Approx. 4” max. diameter.

The Norpro Jar Wrench is especially useful for anyone that has reduced wrist or hand strength from arthritis, carpal tunnel or other injuries.

Stay cool, cushion coated, handles improve grippping power and reduce breakage! Heat resistant handles tighten lids on hot jars, or loosen tight or sticky lids, hot or cold.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Taiwan, Province of China
Length 10-1/2"
Height 3"
Width 3/8"
Color Green
Brand Norpro