Paporganics Sustainable Gift Wrap-French Lilac-2 Pack

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Paporganics Sustainable Gift Wrap-French Lilac-2 Pack

What Makes it Good?

Hemp is ideal for papermaking and has been used for thousands of years to produce fiber and food. Even the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper!

Hemp produces more paper per acre than timber on a sustainable basis and offers a healthy alternative crop for small farms. Renewable and fast-growing, it grows well without herbicides or pesticides.

Hemp's durable fibers add strength to recycled post-consumer waste, creating a high-quality paper not often seen in gift wrapping. Hemp Wrap truly is guilt-free gift wrap with style!

If just 1% of U.S. Households used this gift wrap instead of the conventional kind, in one year we'd save 11,457 fully grown trees, 1,981,830 gallons of water, 2.6 billion BTUs of energy, and 210,263 pounds of greenhouse gases.

Together we can make a difference!

Environmentally Fine Gift Wrapping Paper with French Lilac design, these beautiful sheets of paper, (2) 24" x 36" sheets, are 10% Hemp/Flax Fiber, 90% Post-consumer Fiber Processed Chlorine-Free with 100% Vegetable Ink.

Inspried by the idea that environmentally sound paper can be beautiful too, Paporganics creates stationery and gift wrap made from organic cotton, hemp and recycled fibers. Vegetable inks and responsible manufacturing practices bring their designs to life. A gift from the heart and a hand-written note are among the joys in life, and Paporganics mission is to encourage this thoughtfulness while being mindful of our environment, because thoughtfulness goes beyond the gift.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 36"
Width 24"
Brand Paporganics