QR Organic Compost Activator

QR Organic Compost Activator

What Makes it Good?

Q.R. Compost Activator solution will break down your waste materials more rapidly and give the finished compost a finer texture, and, above all, "balance" the compost so that it will grow heavier and healthier crops.

Contains 10gm powder, enough to convert at least 25 compost bins of organic waste to rich, fertile compost (based on a 200 litre compost bin following the recommended application rate). That's over 1300 gallons, 176 cubic feet or 142 bushels!

Quick Return (QR) Compost Activator is a 100% natural blend of common, dried herbs that speed up the decomposition of organic matter. There is no turning required with QR and compost can be made in as little as 4 weeks! It is a powder which, when mixed with water, will rapidly and easily reduce all your waste vegetable material to a rich humus.

QR is suitable for garden or kitchen waste in all types of compost bins and open heaps in gardens, allotments and farms. It also makes excellent leaf mould and has many other uses.

All waste vegetable matter must be rotted before it can be used for growing crops. Unless treated with QR solution there will be big losses of nitrogen and other plant nutrients during the process of rotting. QR prevents these losses and quickly produces a friable material which will invariably grow much heavier crops than untreated vegetable waste. The finished compost from a QR heap is a fine, crumbly, dark material which is sweet-smelling and very pleasant to handle and use.

Net wt. 10 grams

For more information and history, or to order in the UK, check out https://www.gcplants.co.uk/qr-composting.html 

More Information
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Length 6.125"
Height 4.5"
Width .0625"
Brand Chase Organics