RSVP Charcoal Grill Chimney Starter

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RSVP Charcoal Grill Chimney Starter

What Makes it Good?

100% recyclable, the Charcoal Starter provides quick even heating saving you time and briquettes.

Great for backyard cooking, camping, picnics and tailgate parties.

RSVP Charcoal Grill Chimney Starter's excellent air circulation, provided by the generous holes, allows rapid heating of the coals and they will be covered in a fine, gray ash and ready to be poured into the BBQ in 15-20 minutes.

Just set the chimney in the bottom of your BBQ, place crumpled newspaper in the bottom portion, charcoal briquettes in the top portion, and light the paper.

With a chimney starter there is no chemical after taste, no lingering starter fluid taste on your food and no solvent smell in the air.

Made of maintenance-free Coated Zinc in a generous 5 lb. Capacity.

The Rosewood Finish Handle, protected by a Zinc Heat Shield, ensures a Safe Grip.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Taiwan, Province of China
Length 11"
Height 11"
Width 6.5" dia.
Color Grey
Brand RSVP International, Inc.