Solar Ventilator Fan

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Solar Ventilator Fan

What Makes it Good?

By harnessing the natural energy of the sun, this non-electric appliance is specially designed to circulate the air inside your house, apartment, camper, tent, car or garage slowly and smoothly with soft air, no worries about strong winds leaving your room untidy and dusty. Ventilate the hot air out and cool air in.

Solar Ventilator Fan – handy for car, camper, tent, garage or any room in your home.

Easy to use – put solar panel in sun and watch fan spin for quiet, mild air circulation with reduced wind or dust.

Fan and solar panel can be mounted together of separtely, allowing for maximum exposure of panel and fan location.

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Length 5-1/2"
Height 5-1/2"
Width 2-3/4"
Color White