Sundrop Jewelry Wine Glass ID Charms, Set of 4

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Sundrop Jewelry Wine Glass ID Charms

What Makes it Good?

Sundrop Jewelry showcases the amazing potential of solar energy, looking toward a future less dependant on fossil fuels. They focus sunlight with a giant magnifying lens and melt glass, creating unique, handcrafted jewelry.

The intense heat melts not only glass, but metal and rock!

45% recycled silver, 100% recycled paper packaging.

Sundrop Jewelry make a splash at any dinner party, color coding your guests drinks by wrapping the sterling silver charm, with unique Sundrop and two Hematite beads, around the stem of their glass or neck of their bottle.

Set of 4 uniquely colored charms.

The Sundrops are made by focusing sunlight with a giant magnifying lens and melting glass into drops, then wrapped in 45% recycled sterling silver wire.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Color Multi-colors
Brand Sundrop Jewelry