Swify Stainless Steel Wire Spider Strainer/Skimmer/Ladle/Spoon

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Swify Stainless Steel Wire Spider Strainer/Skimmer/Ladle/Spoon

What Makes it Good?

Stainless Steel is a long lasting, rust proof material that does not react to food, is 100% recyclable and will serve you for years to come.

Swify's Strainer/Skimmer/Ladle is made of high quality stainless steel net wiring with sturdy outer framework and handle

Safe and Durable, the long handle protects your hands from hot water and oils while cooking or frying

The concave net strainer catches food securely while releasing liquids. Perfect for frying foods, like chips, donuts or chicken; and scooping boiled foods like pasta, vegetables, pot stickers, Spätzle, and more

Convenient hanging loop can be hung between uses to keep it dry and clean

Dishwasher safe

Comes in three handy sizes:

Small - Small -10.6cm x 31.3 cm (4-3/16” x 12.25”)

Medium - 12.8cm x 33.4cm (5” x 13.125”)

Large - 15cm x 35.3cm (5.75”x 13.875”)

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Color Stainless Steel
Brand Swify