Walt Harman's Eco Spout

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Walt Harman's Eco Spout

What Makes it Good?

Versitle design brings you one tool with many uses and allows you to reuse jugs. This reduces plastic consumption and plastic waste.

Reuse your plastic bottles and jugs! Make pouring liquids, such as water and motor oil, easier and cleaner! Distribute sprinkled water more easily under the leaves and onto the roots of your plants.

Eco-Spout fits most gallon, half-gallon, liter and quart size containers including milk, juice, motor oil, anti-freeze, windshield cleaner and soda bottles.

Eco-Spout includes attachments for Sprinkler, Funnel and Pouring Spouts. Also includes Adapter to fit a larger variety of containers.

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Length 9”
Height 2"
Width 4.875"
Brand Weisenbach